Meet Brianna

"Always finish what you start"

Hey there! My name is Brianna McNary and I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, earning my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Research Distinction, minoring in Media Production & Analysis. I started covering sports in South Florida in 2014 for Beacon TV. In 2016 I was named the senior sports reporter for the official student TV channel Buckeye TV Ch.19. I have always been passionate about sports reporting and producing since I was in the Cambridge Arts Program at Fort Lauderdale High. I was a varsity cheerleader for both basketball and football and I always followed the game and loved to see the players, my friends transition to the next level in football, basketball, soccer, or any sport.

On Off The Fields, my goal is to express athletes' perspectives on current events and what they experience off the field in the sport they play. I love getting to know athletes off the field so people get to see a different side of them that is vulnerable, creative, humbling, and real. I feel it’s important for athletes to take advantage of their platforms and I want to help express how they want to give back to their community and the importance of it since the media is constantly painting a different picture.

This show is a platform for discussing topics such as the importance of mental health within the black community, social issues, and homophobia in male dominating sports. I have worked with The Ohio State University’s football program and had the opportunity to cover olympic sports, enhancing my skills.