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"Writing is the geometry of the soul" Off The Fields is 
a platform for athletes to express their feelings, opinions, experiences, and journeys to success when it comes to certain topics that major sports networks don’t like to dwell on. As a black journalist, editor, producer, and TV host, I have found a way to highlight social injustice, the importance of education, mental health wellness, how to gain financial independence, and how to reduce the level of homophobia in the sports world. In order to change how the media portrays African Americans, we have to focus on the positive impacts and historical contributions we have made in multiple fields.

Got to meet Jenny Taft from FOX SPORTS.j

Moments in Sport

November 24th, 2018

Chatted with FOX Sports, sideline reporter Jenny Taft & legendary Ohio State alumni during the infamous rivalry game, Ohio State vs Michigan. It's always a pleasure to run into other women in sports who want to show you how it's done! This was a cold day for that team up north who took another rivalry loss that day. 

LeCharles Bentley

October 7, 2017

Caught up with former Ohio State Hall of fame inductee, LeCharles Bentley after being honored midfield in the shoe. LeCharles was known as the best center in the country for the Buckeyes in 2000-2001, he played 6 seasons in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints & the Cleveland Browns. These days he's focused on empowering offensive lineman with his his new sports agency, AMDG Sports paired with his training center for O lineman, Offensive Line Performance.

Sidelines with Micheal Thomas

Caught Michael Thomas

October 13, 2018

It was the Ohio State vs. Minnesota game and Michael Thomas was loving being back in The Shoe. He just broke the single season reception record, naming him the best wide receiver in the NFL. I asked Michael Thomas what advice would he give Ohio State young offensive line and he said " Everyday find ways to get better, enhance your weaknesses and keep it moving to things that you're good at...brick by brick just find ways to get better."-Michael Thomas

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